I have been researching my family history for many years and I feel that I know the characters pretty well by now.  The good, the bad and yes the down right ugly, they are all in the family tree somewhere, dangling precariously off of a delicate branch!

So now I think the tree cannot take much more, it is bursting and those delicate branches need trimming back..........the stories need to be told.

I hope that my readers will get to know the characters of my ancestry just as well as I do and enjoy reading of the lives they led and places they ventured to.  Some will be happy stories, some may bring a tear to the eye.  One thing that is true for them all is that they are the life story of a very real person.  Each person deserves their story to be told.

Please, please do add comments to the blog posts.  I would love to hear any personal recollections that can add to the stories that are being told.  Also, if I have made an error or my story is incorrect then please let me know.  I will post photos if I have them but if you have any which you would be happy to allow on the blog then please send me an email (see contacts page).

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